Trafi’s telephone numbers change on 1 November

10/31/12, 11:00 AM

As of 1 November 2012, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency will switch over to the new telephone numbering system jointly used by all Finnish government services. The new number for Trafi’s switchboard is 029 534 5000. When calling from abroad, please add Finland’s country code +358 and leave out the zero: +358 29 534 5000.

After the change, the direct numbers for our staff will begin with 029 534 -, while the four last numbers remain the same. The mobile phone numbers will not change. Our up-to-date contact details can be found after 1 November on Trafi’s website:

There will also be changes in Trafi’s customer service numbers. The new number for our registration advice service is 029 534 5100. For vehicle tax advice, please call 029 534 5125.

The calls are priced in accordance with your operator’s local network charge or mobile phone charge.

The new fax number for Trafi’s registry office is 029 534 5095.

Further information
Department Director Hanna Hakanen, tel. 050 357 3427, 029 534 5307, hanna.hakanen(at) (Information Services)
Department Director Mikko Vuorikoski, tel. 050 542 0949, 029 534 7000, mikko.vuorikoski(at) (IT Services)