The application period for research project financing in the field of winter navigation for 2015 has started

6/3/14, 11:00 AM

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), the Finnish Transport Agency and the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) are requesting research institutions to apply for financing for 2015 for research projects that are promoting winter navigation.

The deadline for applications, which should be sent to Trafi and SMA according to the instructions, is 15 Sept. 2014. Delayed applications are not taken into account.

Winter navigation research has been conducted since 1971 in cooperation with the Swedish maritime authorities. In the year 2010 corporate finance became the means of research financing. 

The aim of continuous research related to winter navigation is to guarantee that ships operating in the Gulf of Finland and in the Gulf of Bothnia have sufficient capabilities to operate in ice, thus making traffic as smooth and safe as possible.

“Naturally Trafi has an important role in developing winter navigation. With the help of state-of-the-art and high-class research cooperation, functional regulatory solutions can be created and current practices can be enhanced”, says Trafi’s Chief Adviser Jorma Kämäräinen

Special themes for winter navigation research projects for 2015 could be for example:

  • The capability of ships to navigate in a brash ice channel defined in the Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules. Especially projects where full-scale tests are made are requested.
  • Projects related to the correlation between model test results, calculations, rule requirements and full scale measurements related to the ability of ships to navigate in brash ice channels.

Further instructions on how to apply:

Additional information

Chief Adviser Jorma Kämäräinen, tel. +358 20 618 6440, jorma.kamarainen(at)