Smart technology and responsibility are the keys to deregulation

10/24/14, 10:00 AM

“Being a responsible actor and using information in a new way are factors that enable deregulation,” said Kari Wihlman, Director General of Trafi, at the currently ongoing State of Transport seminar in Helsinki. The new opportunities facilitated by information and new ways of leveraging the official status of the agency are already apparent in the transport system today and will increase in the future.

“We need a standards overhaul to enable new transport services,” says Wihlman. “Trafi is forging ahead with measures such as boiling down some two dozen old railway regulations to just two.” By taking responsibility in dismantling regulations, Trafi is helping the transport market function better than ever in both traditional and new business areas.

Importance of information makes it ‘fifth mode of transport’

Deregulation is thus already under way, but in order to progress properly it requires a responsible approach from actors in the sector, both public and private. The authorities can only erect the framework; its content comes from responsible actors.

The importance of information and how it is being continuously and actively exploited is taking transport into wholly new dimensions. In the spring, Trafi declared information to be the ‘fifth mode of transport’ alongside the more traditional ones. “Digitisation is challenging our traditional practices and procedures, and we believe that digital information will increasingly move people and things,” says Wihlman.

Environmental impact of transport also includes noise and particulate emissions

Wihlman also stressed the importance of the environmental aspect when considering the state of the transport system as a whole: “Climate change often gets all the press when the environmental impact of transport is discussed, but we should also consider other aspects such as noise and particulate emissions.”

The traditional State of Transport seminar organised by Trafi brought a full house of decision-makers and opinion leaders in the transport sector to the Bio Rex cinema in Helsinki today, on Friday 24 October 2014. Follow the event on Twitter under #liikenteentila.

Trafi reviews about transport safety and environmental impacts for all modes of transport are available on the Trafi website.

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