Survey identifying high-risk areas at sea – seafarers’ knowledge and experience requested

1/29/15, 12:00 PM

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) is carrying out a survey in order to detect geographical high-risk areas at sea. The aim of the survey is to collect information on fairway and sea areas where the risk of accidents is increased, to identify contributing factors and devise means of risk minimization.

The survey is carried out from 1 February to 31 March, 2015 using a chart program. The survey is targeted to the Finnish Transport Agency, Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd, the Finnish Ships’ Officers’ Association, the Finnish Shipowners’ Association, Arctia Shipping Ltd, The Finnish Border Guard, the Safety Investigation Authority and maritime colleges.

All information gathered will be kept strictly confidential. It will be combined with data collected by Trafi on marine accidents and the VTS reports of the Finnish Transport Agency. The results will be published in Trafi’s geoportal. They will be used both to enhance safety at sea and to improve the administration’s efficiency.

Your professional knowledge and experience is now requested. We hope to receive as many responses as possible. It is also highly recommendable that each seafarer points out as many high-risk areas as has come to his/her knowledge. Ten Finnkino cinema tickets are raffled off among all respondents.  

You can participate in the survey at

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Further information

Valtteri Laine, Special Adviser, phone 029 5346 441, valtteri.laine(at)