Trafi enables automated vehicle trials in Finland

5/28/15, 2:00 PM

The increasing use of automation in road traffic will be changing operating practices in many ways, but current legislation already allows the use of automated vehicles in traffic in Finland.

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Trafi, enables automated vehicle trials by Finnish as well as international operators in Finland.

Operating model for enabling trials is ready to be implemented

Trafi has created a clear operating model for automated vehicle trials in traffic. The model makes the process of starting trials in Finland’s road traffic simpler.

“We have wanted to make the process as simple as possible, and bureaucracy will at least not be a hindrance. Operators can apply for a test plate certificate for automated vehicles from Trafi, and the certificate gives a temporary right to use the vehicle in traffic,” says Marko Sillanpää, Director General of Road Transport at Trafi.

Those who are interested in or planning automated vehicle trials may contact Trafi. In practice, Trafi simplifies the implementation of trials e.g. by suggesting solutions for driver specifications and by helping with the technical approval and registration of vehicles.

International interest towards Finland’s operating model

This spring, the Finnish liberal approach for enabling automated vehicle trials is being introduced to an international audience.

”There seems to be significant interest at the international level. The possibility of automated vehicle trials in Finland is being marketed in many international events, for example the International Transport Forum, ITS-World 2015 conference, TU-Automotive Europe 2015, and EReg General Meeting & Annual Conference 2015. Naturally the possibility is also being marketed directly to organisations that are interested in the trials. We hope to see operators in action in Finland soon”, says Sillanpää.

Development of automation offers vast potential in road traffic

Many accidents can be avoided if human factors are excluded. It is believed that automated driving would help to reduce these human errors. There is very little research information so far on the effects of automation, so new trials in this field are needed to ensure the benefits. It is also essential to identify and solve the new challenges that increased automation will entail.

High-level automation trials involve the testing of driverless vehicles, for example. The development of automation is already evident to many motorists in the form of lane-keeping assistants, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking systems etc.
Through these trials Trafi seeks to promote the automatisation of road traffic in a confident and responsible manner.

Further information

Marko Sillanpää
Director General of Road Transport
tel. 029 5345 210
email: marko.sillanpaa (at)
Twitter: @MarkoSillanp
Applying for a test plate certificate
automatedvehicles (at)