Tender for Surveillance of Sulphur emissions from vessels in Finnish waters has been published

12/10/15, 12:00 PM

On 1 January 2015, new and stricter requirements for ships’ sulphur emissions took effect in the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea area. In order to comply with the regulation ships must use fuels with a low sulphur content of max. 0.10 % or clean the exhaust gas for sulphur corresponding to the limit value.

A great number of ships are going through Finnish waters and some of them also without calling a Finnish port. Surveillance of sulphur emission either from mobile (aircraft, drone, vessel, etc.) or from fixed installations has been identified as an effective means to identify ships that may violate the sulphur requirements.

Against this background the Finnish Transport Safety Agency has published a tender for surveillance of sulphur emissions from ships in Finnish waters.

It should be stressed that the tender addresses only measurement of the sulphur emissions and reporting of the results to the authorities. Any follow up actions are exclusively left in the hands of the authorities.

More information (in Finnish) about the tender is available from: http://www.hankintailmoitukset.fi/fi/notice/view/2015-027173/