Finland's largest vehicle pilot, open to all road users, now also includes the approach roads to large cities in southern Finland

11/17/16, 9:30 AM

Imagine a situation where visibility is rapidly reduced due to blowing snow, you witness a traffic accident or notice a hazard on the road – what if you could receive a real-time warning from other road users? Or, would you like to be able to warn other road users? This is an invitation to join the trial in which road users will send and receive warnings on the Helsinki and Tampere Ring Roads, as well as on the roads from Helsinki to Espoo, Turku, Tampere and Lahti.

In the trial, which is aimed at improving road safety, road users are given advance warnings about traffic hazards ahead, which gives them time to prepare themselves. More than a thousand voluntary road users using Android smartphones are invited to take part in the largest pilot for connected vehicles in Finland. The trial is part of the research on road traffic automation and it promotes traffic digitalisation in Finland. The road users, who will benefit the most from the services, are at the centre of the service development.

After 15 November, the pilot will be expanded to include an even larger area and new routes. In addition to Main Road 1 between Helsinki and Turku and the Ring Roads in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the trial will now include Main Roads 3 and 4 in the direction of Tampere and Lahti, as well as Länsiväylä in the direction of Espoo. In Tampere, the trial will include the Ring Roads and Rantaväylä.

More than 200 road users from the Helsinki and Turku regions have already participated in the trial. During the trial, road users have been able to share information about, for example, reduced visibility, accidents, obstacles or animals on the road. Now, the information will also include locations of road construction sites. The pilot will continue until the end of April 2017.

Both the road users and the Road Management Centre at the Finnish Transport Agency will receive road condition information. Disruption messages sent by the Road Management Centre will also be transmitted during the trial.

Enrol in the trial

Please enrol in the trial at the address:

Further information:

Ilkka Kotilainen, Project Manager, Finnish Transport Agency, ilkka.kotilainen (at),
tel. 050 311 8016

Anna Schirokoff, Leading Specialist, Trafi, anna.schirokoff (at), tel. 029 5345 268

James Etheridge, Head of Media Relations, HERE, james.etheridge (at) (Enquiries in English)