Marine safety research draws on benefits of digitalisation and new technologies

11/25/16, 2:00 PM

A broad range of experts met in Vantaa today to discuss the Motorways of the Sea concept in the Baltic Sea, new navigation technologies, leveraging of digitalisation and other current research in marine safety.

This international seminar, organised by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) and the Danish Maritime Authority, is connected with the EU's Policy Area of Maritime Safety and Security under the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, in which Finland and Denmark are joint coordinators. The seminar focused on the results of recent projects of major importance for the Strategy, known as Flagship Projects.

“We can see at this seminar that maritime safety research currently has a keen focus on digitalisation and how it might be leveraged, from a wide variety of perspectives," says Director Sanna Sonninen from Trafi.

The purpose of the seminar is to bring together researchers and maritime operators, to prompt discussion on research needs, and to promote awareness and availability of research findings at Finnish maritime enterprises.

“We are pleased that the goals of the seminar were attained and that we were able to facilitate more widespread awareness of research in the field. We will continue to invest in maritime safety research both under the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and otherwise,” says Sonninen.

The purpose of the EU’s Policy Area of Maritime Safety and Security (PA Safe) related to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region is to make the Baltic Sea a showcase for maritime safety and maritime security measures.

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