Drones increasing in popularity – information on professionals available on Trafi website

11/30/16, 3:00 PM

The operator of a remotely piloted aircraft must notify Trafi before commencing operations. So far, almost 1,000 operators have submitted a notification of using remotely piloted aircraft for aerial work.

According to these notifications, there are already more than 1,300 such aircraft in use in Finland, most of them weighing 1–2 kg. The notification requirement does not apply to amateurs.

The Trafi RPAS operators database contains those operators who have submitted a notification to Trafi concerning remotely piloted aircraft and who have agreed to their details being published in the Trafi online service.

Remotely piloted aircraft are used today for a variety of purposes, for instance for photographing properties or for inspecting power lines, masts or wind turbines. The Trafi website now lists all professional operators of remotely piloted aircraft. It is easy to find the right operator for the right task in the database, since the search criteria may include location and the task for which a remotely piloted aircraft operator is required.

RPAS search: https://www.trafi.fi/en/aviation/unmanned_aviation/rpas-search

Number of amateur drone operators is growing – Aviator Yrmy publicises ground rules

Traditional model aircraft amateurs have been joined in recent years by thousands of new enthusiasts flying remotely piloted aircraft or drones, many of whom have no background or expertise in aviation.

The Aviator Yrmy safety campaign addresses issues of safety and privacy that must be acknowledged and kept in mind by all operators of drones and other remotely piloted aircraft.









Further information

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