Driving examination is reformed

7/10/17, 4:10 PM

The content of the driving examination will also undergo changes in the ongoing driver training reform. However, the basic structure of the driving examination – a theory test and a driving test and/or a handling test – will remain as it is.


The objective is to adapt the driving examination to future transport challenges. The content of the tests will be improved so that it will measure the driver’s capacity to develop into a safe driver better than before:

- more attention will be paid to risk situations both in the theory and driving tests
- the tasks in the handling tests will better correspond to situations that drivers face in real traffic

The assessment of the tests will also be developed so that the feedback from the driving test will provide the applicant with more comprehensive capabilities and instructions for continuing to practice driving.

The reform of the driving examination should enter into force on 1 July 2018 at the same time as the driver training reform.

Further reading: Ministry of Transport and Communications: The driver training reform (text in Finnish)