Droneinfo mobile application to help drone pilots fly safely

7/18/17, 11:45 AM

The Droneinfo mobile application of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) gives information on prohibited or restricted areas, altitude restrictions, other drone pilots and the weather conditions concerning flying model aircraft (drones) easily accessible. The application helps drone pilots find safe flying locations and provides guidance for flying safely.

In the Droneinfo application, it is possible to find out directly from a map whether any airspace restrictions prohibiting flying drones altogether are in force in the area and also what the maximum permitted altitude for flying in the area concerned is.

‘Drone enthusiasts are not necessarily familiar with aviation regulations and are therefore not always aware of areas in which aviation activities are prohibited. The aim of our new application is to make it easier to access this information and thus increase safety,’ explains Jukka Hannola, Chief Adviser at Trafi. ‘The application enables drone pilots to submit a notification of where and when they are flying their drones. The location data of the person making the notification is shown to the other users of the application on the aviation map for the duration of the flight.’

The application also contains information on aviation weather and on the rules and regulations concerning flying drones.

‘The application contains a map in which all locations suitable for flying drones in Finland have been marked,’ Hannola specifies.


Download the application (Android)

Download the application (iOS)

Further information: Jukka Hannola, Chief Adviser, jukka.hannola (at) trafi.fi, tel. +358 29 5347 063. On Twitter @JukkaHannola