More e-services for driving license matters

9/8/17, 5:00 PM

Under 45-year-old holders of a truck or a bus driving license can now renew their driving license online. Also anyone who wishes to upgrade their moped driving license to a motorcycle or passenger car driving licence can submit the application electronically.

“We are constantly improving our services. The aim is to be able to provide the entire application process for driving licenses online in the future and to offer services that are as user friendly as possible and accessible to all,” says Simo Karppinen, Head of Unit.

Under 45-year-old holders of a truck or a bus driving license can renew their license online

Under 45-year-old holders of a truck or a bus driving license can renew their driving license using Trafi's e-Services. In this case, you do not need to provide a medical certificate when renewing the licence. You can renew the license no more than 6 months before your current driving licence expires, and the holder of the licence has to be under 45 years old before the current licence expires.

Use of the service requires that your photograph and signature sample are available in electronic format in a register by the authorities. The applicant's permanent place of residence must also be located in Mainland Finland, and the applicant must have a valid address in the population information system. In addition, the applicant cannot be banned from driving.

The fee for renewing the license using e-Services is EUR 30. You will receive your new driving licence by post to your home address within four working days of placing the order.

Those over 45 years old can renew their licence at a licence service point of Ajovarma, Trafi's service provider. They must append a medical certificate to the application.

Applications for upgrade of driver licence can also be submitted electronically

A new e-service is now available for those planning to upgrade their licence. You can submit a driver licence application online if you want to upgrade your licence within Group 1, e.g. from a moped licence to a motorcycle or a passenger car licence. Over 16-year-olds can submit a driver licence application online but the new right to drive will enter into force after the applicant has turned 18. The fee for the e-application is EUR 30.

Appendices, such as a guardian's consent form, cannot be appended to the application. That means that a 16-year-old who wants to obtain a licence for light motorcycles has to submit the application at Ajovarma's licence service point.

You can log into all Trafi's e-Services using online bank identifiers or mobile recognition.

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E-services: Upgrading a driving licence in Group 1

Further information:
Simo Karppinen, Head of Unit, tel. +358 29 5345 343, simo.karppinen (at), on Twitter @SimoKarppinen
Maaria Toikka, Chief Adviser, tel. +358 29 5345 339, maaria.toikka (at), on Twitter @maaria_toikka