A 10-year extension for aeronautical VHF radio equipment and channel spacing conversion

9/12/17, 3:40 PM

The European Commission has approved a 10-year transitional period for the 8.33 kHz channel spacing conversion of frequencies used for aeronautical radio equipment in Finland. Moreover, users of radio equipment with 25 kHz channel spacing were given a 10-year extension on implementing the change.

Based on feedback from the aviation sector, Trafi requested a derogation from the implementation of the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012 involving a transitional period of 10 years for the introduction of 8.33 kHz channel spacing in frequencies used by air navigation service providers. Furthermore, Trafi requested an extension concerning the use of aeronautical radio equipment with 25 kHz channel spacing.

Aviators please note that this derogation only applies to Finland. The 8.33 kHz channel spacing may be introduced in the neighbouring countries in the beginning of 2018. It is the aviators’ duty to check this.

If a new radio device is installed or an existing device is updated during the transitional period, it must have 8.33 kHz channel spacing capability. A faulty 25 kHz device can be replaced with a similar device during the transitional period.

Under the Commission Implementation Regulation, aeronautical radio equipment operating on the VHF band (30–300 MHz) must have 8.33 kHz channel spacing i.e. bandwidth capability by 31 December 2017. On 27 July 2017, the European Commission approved the following derogation from the Commission Regulation: Under the derogation by the European Commission, the transitional period concerning the implementation of 8.33 kHz channel spacing in frequencies used by air navigation service providers in Finland is ten years. Similarly, the transitional period for 25 kHz radio equipment is ten years.

Changes in radio licence

The radio licence remains valid and requires no actions by the holder. Radio licences will be renewed during 2018 to comply with the valid regulation on channel spacing. A reference to the transition period will be added to the licence.


Further information

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi):
Kimmo Urhonen, Senior Inspector, tel. 029 5346 128
Jari Lyytinen, Special Adviser , tel. 029 534 6234
Päivi Metsävainio, Head of Unit, tel. 029 5346 063

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority:
Mikko Saari, Radio Network Specialist at FICORA, tel. 0295 390 460
Petteri Jokela, Senior Specialist at FICORA, tel. 0295 390 472
Email: firstname.lastname(at)ficora.fi.