Prevention of drink driving requires a multi-sectoral approach

10/5/17, 5:00 PM

A multi-sectoral approach and searching for new perspectives are recommended for the prevention of drink driving. Nordic practises and tools for reducing driving under the influence were discussed today in an international seminar organised by Trafi and Liikenneturva.

On 5 October 2017, alcohol and traffic safety gathered Nordic traffic safety actors in the SMART (Sober Mobility Across Road Transport) policies for tackling drink driving seminar in Helsinki. During the day, we heard progress reports from the Nordic countries and discussed good practices.

“Co-operation between different actors should be strengthened in order to reduce driving under the influence. We should also search for new perspectives to tackle the problem,” says Inkeri Parkkari, Chief Adviser from Trafi who moderated the seminar.

Alcohol interlocks could be used used as a competitive advantage when offering transport

“One example is alcohol interlocks that are already mandatory in school transport, but we should encourage their wider use amongst road transport professionals. Municipalities and other actors who tender and acquire transport services could give extra points for using vehicles that are equipped with alcohol interlocks or even make it a mandatory requirement,” suggests Parkkari.

These individual measures can relay the message that alcohol should never play any role in traffic. The idea of zero tolerance, which is standard practice in other modes of transport, should be emphasised more in professional road transport.

Young people can be reached through their friends

The seminar also presented the #rohkee (be brave) campaign against drink driving, organised by Liikenneturva, Trafi and several other actors. The idea of the campaign is to appeal to young people to make them prevent intoxicated friends from driving.

“Especially amongst young people, strengthening of social norms through communication and campaigns has been proven an effective way of preventing drink driving,” says Pasi Anteroinen, Organisation Manager of Liikenneturva.
Trafi, Liikenneturva and the Finnish Crash Data Institute (OTI) represent Finland in the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), a co-organiser of today's seminar.

Further information:

Inkeri Parkkari, Chief Adviser, tel. +358 29 5347 089, inkeri.parkkari (at), on Twitter @InkeriParkkari

Pasi Anteroinen, Organisation Manager, tel. +358 20 7282 348, pasi.anteroinen (at), on Twitter @pastoripastori