It is a good idea to rethink transport routines when aging

10/5/17, 5:00 PM

Transport routines inevitably change with age. When aging, it is a good idea to rethink your transport choices from a fresh perspective and to utilise the benefits offered by modern technologies.

“Age brings special characteristics to transport, and we should not hide or deny them. It is important to support your use of transport and to consider which modes of transport are best suited to different stages of life. Significant others should also participate in this reflection,” encourages Inkeri Parkkari, Chief Adviser.

Lane departure warning systems, parking assistance systems, automatic transmission – take advantage of technology

It is definitely a good idea to take advantage of the benefits of advancing road transport automation. Automatic transmission, lane-keeping assistance systems and parking sensors help to control the car and free more time to concentrate better on the traffic.

“If you are buying a new car, ask for thorough guidance on the use of the new equipment in order to make the best use of them,” reminds Jussi Pohjonen, Chief Adviser.

Generally speaking, the same rules for safe driving apply to everyone but certain issues become more important when aging.

“If the distance is any longer, prepare the trip well in advance. Choose the easiest route and remember to take enough breaks. If you are at all concerned about your health or how you are feeling, leave the car at home or delay the trip,” emphasises Pohjonen.

Don't be afraid of taking a bus, train or taxi

Monitor your own capability to drive. If necessary, give up driving your own car and consider other options. Favour public transport, if possible in your home town.

“Don't be afraid of taking a bus, train or taxi and ask the driver or the other passengers for help, when necessary. Some towns have different tailored transport services, such as on-demand minibuses, that can be useful,” tips Parkkari.

The Week of Older People is this week. Today, experts from Trafi participate in the open day in the Oulunkylä Rehabilitation Hospital.

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