Changes to the Rules of the Air

10/13/17, 8:00 AM

The standardised European rules of the air (SERA) have been changed. The changes made are applicable as of 12 October 2017 and must be taken into account in flight operations.

The changes are partly based on documents PANS-OPS (ICAO Doc 8168), PANS-ATM (ICAO Doc 4444) and ICAO Doc 7030 as published by the International Civil Aviation Organization, so that some of their content has been transferred to SERA. In addition, the latest updates to ICAO Annex 2 have been considered.

Trafi is currently updating its Aviation Regulation OPS M1-1, Rules of the Air applicable in Finland. This regulation contains the national provisions on civil aviation as required by SERA, including any exceptions, and those exceptions from SERA that are applicable to military aviation. The draft regulation will be later circulated for comments among interest groups.

The SERA amendment includes the provisions on aeronautical radio communications and the phraseology to be used, which until now have been specified in Aviation Regulation GEN M1-8 and Advisory Circular GEN T1-10. The Regulation will be repealed and the Circular updated. The update will also consider the acceptable means of compliance and guidance material (AMC/GM) related to the SERA amendment.

Before the updates to OPS M1-1 and GEN T1-10 are completed, the rules to be followed are the amended SERA as of 12 October 2017, including the advisory material, and the current Aviation Regulation OPS M1-1 as issued on 11 November 2014.

Air Navigation Services Finland (ANS Finland) will publish a separate AIC A circular on the changes to the Rules of the Air.

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