Don't forget to report the recommissioning of your vehicle – after new legislation has taken effect driving decommissioned vehicle will bring a special tax of more than 1.000 euros

11/17/17, 7:00 AM

Driving a decommissioned vehicle will incur a special tax as of 12/1/2017; previously it was possible to get off with a fine. Under the new legislation it will be possible to keep track of decommissioned vehicles through automatic monitoring. Motorists should make sure in connection with the purchase of a used car, for instance, that the car has been registered for use in traffic.

Decommissioning and recommissioning a vehicle for use in traffic makes it easy to stop payment of the vehicle tax, if necessary. The driver must nevertheless make sure that a car that is in use is commissioned for use in traffic.

Driving a decommissioned vehicle will incur an additional tax of no less than €1010 or five times the annual vehicle tax. Under the legislative change it will be possible in the future to impose the additional tax on the basis of automatic monitoring. The aim is to get vehicles that have been decommissioned out of traffic and to secure fair taxation of vehicles for everyone.

Monitoring will take place with remote number plate reading devices

Police monitor decommissioned vehicles. Automatic number plate reading devices in police cars will be used in the monitoring. The police report observed violations to Trafi's system, from where the information is relayed to the operator of the vehicle and to the owner as marked in the register.

Previously police could impose a fine, instead of an additional tax, for driving a decommissioned vehicle, but with the legislative change taking place as of 12/1/2017, an additional tax has been imposed as the primary and the only penalty.

Commissioned or not? Check easily on line

The driver of a car is responsible for making sure that a vehicle in traffic has been commissioned for use in traffic. The buyer of a used car should also make sure that the vehicle is commissioned before driving it. Making sure is worthwhile, because neither human forgetfulness nor ignorance will exempt the driver from the additional tax.

Information on whether or not a vehicle is commissioned for use in traffic can be found on the Trafi public tax information service according to the number on the number plate. Information on your own vehicle is available at Trafi's My e-Services service. Both services are free of charge.

Commissioning a vehicle for use in traffic is easy and free of charge through Trafi's e-Services. Commissioning a vehicle for traffic can also be done at inspection stations that deal with registrations and at insurance companies.

Further information:

Toni Pallaspuro, Head of Department, tel. 029 5345 395, toni.pallaspuro (at), on Twitter @TPallaspuro

Police Inspector Heikki Kallio, tel. 0295 481 556, firstname.lastname (at)