New transport services and innovations presented today in Helsinki

11/24/17, 7:00 AM

Transport and traffic innovations, services and concepts will play the main role in Trafi's Traffic Lab seminar to be held today, 24 November 2017, in Helsinki, when the involved actors will talk about their experiments, products and the future of transport.

“The enabling Finnish legislation gives excellent support to new business opportunities and innovative experiments. Companies would be well-served to exploit this to the fullest and to test different transport and traffic services boldly and open-mindedly. Successful experiments support growth and promote Finnish companies' access to international markets,” says Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications, who will open the seminar.

Autonomous vehicles and sea transport, drone applications and utilisation of the digital revolution

“In Finland, there are several ongoing experiments and tests that are essential for generating new services for the market. For example, improvement logistics performance has a lot of potential, and analytics can offer new tools,” says Juha Kenraali, Trafi's Director General of Data and Knowledge.

Companies that provide traffic and transport services present their own projects and experiments in the seminar. Participants include Fleetonomy that develops drone applications, autonomous work machines of the University of Oulu, Sensible4 that develops vehicle automation and Dimecc that is building an ecosystem for autonomous marine transport. During the day, we will have a look at utilisation of the smart digital revolution from Huawei's point of view, and Helsinki City Transport will bring the development of its new services to the table.

“Also the utilisation of open data is essential for the creation of new services. Right after the seminar, the Traffic Lab will continue in the Junction hackathon to be held during the weekend, where the joint mobility track of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Trafi and the Finnish Transport Agency is aimed to develop new transport services especially for rural areas,” says Kenraali.

Traffic Lab, coordinated by Trafi, enables new experiments, services and ecosystems by bringing various actors together, launching cooperation opportunities and communicating on ongoing projects. Representatives of companies, research operators and governmental organisations will join the seminar.

You can follow the seminar live online or in social media under the hashtag #liikennelabra17.

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