Winter tips for air transport operators flying to airports in the north

12/8/17, 1:25 PM

Airports in northern Finland experience extremely severe conditions in the winter, placing great demands on pilots and operators alike. The Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi and Finavia have jointly published a bulletin to help operators who have little experience in operating at airports in winter conditions.

“Exporting Finnish know-how, or snowhow in this case, and giving practical tips is important with a view to safe air operations. We hope that this concise info package will help operators flying to airports in the north,” says Senior Advisor Jussi Sorsa from Trafi.

“This winter in particular has seen an upsurge in direct flights from Europe to Lapland, making the region more accessible than ever and bringing in record numbers of passengers. Our aim is to ensure that air traffic can operate safely and smoothly despite the sometimes challenging weather and ground conditions at airports in northern Finland. By issuing guidelines for pilots and operators, we hope to make sure that all information required for ease of operation is available to operators,” says Heikki Heinijoki, Head of Airport Engineering at Finavia Technology and Environment Services.

Winter operations bulletin: What do the extreme winter conditions at airports in northern Finland demand of pilots and air transport operators?