Funding available for traffic safety projects – applications accepted until the beginning of August

4/25/18, 9:00 AM

The application period for funding road traffic safety projects has started. Applications are accepted until 3 August 2018. Funding is available in particular to projects concerning the safety of school journeys, as well as walking and cycling safety in land use planning.

The objectives are innovative thinking, experimentation and research

“Project funding is intended for supporting the experimentation with and implementation of new approaches and ideas", says Annu Korhonen, Chief Adviser at Trafi in charge of coordinating the state funding.

Municipalities, joint municipal authorities and other non-profit organisations are eligible to apply. State funding can be granted for up to 75% of eligible costs, although it typically covers 50%.

The themes are school journeys, and walking and cycling safety in land use planning

The following road safety themes are in particular focus in 2018:

  • The safety of school journeys
  • Walking and cycling safety in land use planning

The first theme stems from safety concerns regarding school journeys, which are prevalent in many municipalities. It complements the theme for project applications in 2017.

The second theme is designed to promote walking and cycling. A clear urban structure is imperative for increasing walking and cycling: every-day services must be within safe access on foot or by bicycle. Projects eligible for state funding can, for example, develop new operating models for assessing how service placement affects safety, or investigate new procedures for ensuring safety in land use planning.

Hoping for results which are also of benefit to the others

Applications may also be targeted at problem-areas of local traffic safety, but the aforementioned themes are emphasised. The aim is to fund projects generating results, experiences and concepts, which can be utilised in other areas.

In 2017, 13 projects received funding. Learn more about them on Trafi pages of state funding.

Further information:
More information about the state funding and project grant application instructions and forms can be found at (in Finnish).

Chief Adviser Annu Korhonen, tel. +358 29 534 5229, valtionavustus (at)
From 25 April to 2 May, contact:
Chief Adviser Inkeri Parkkari for more information, tel. +358 29 5347 089