Applications for new taxi licences got off to a brisk start

7/2/18, 9:00 AM

As the Act on Transport Services entered into force on Sunday, 1 July 2018, the submission of applications for the new taxi licences got off to a brisk start. Trafi received almost 700 applications for taxi licences and more than 200 notifications of provision of taxi or goods transport services during that day.

“Interest in applying for transport licences was even greater than expected on Sunday, which is excellent considering the opportunities created by the Act on Transport Services for the entire taxi and goods transport sector. On the first day, we received almost one thousand transport licence applications and notifications, most of which concerned taxi licences”, reports Head of Department Kimmo Pylväs.

“We had prepared for tackling this avalanche of applications; the first licences will be issued today, and every effort will be made to clear the backlog of applications received on Sunday as fast as possible. We will e-mail the applicant a copy of the licence as soon as it has been issued, so that there is no need to wait for the arrival of the actual licence by mail”, continues Pylväs.

On Sunday, Trafi received 682 applications for taxi licences, 234 notifications of provision of taxi and goods transport services, and 48 applications for goods transport licences and 5 for passenger transport licences. Information on the regional distribution of the licences will be obtained as the applications are processed.

As the Act on Transport Services entered into force on 1 July 2018, the issue of transport licences was transferred from the ELY Centres to Trafi. The transport licence systems were transferred and commissioned over the weekend, and all transport licence applications and notifications compliant with the new act can be submitted using Trafi’s website.

Further information:
Head of Department Kimmo Pylväs, tel. +358 29 5345 798, kimmo.pylvas (at)