First new taxi licences granted – a record number of applications for driving instruction permits

7/11/18, 12:00 PM

Trafi has granted the first taxi transport licences and tax driving licences under the new Act on Transport Services. The driver training reform, which entered into force on 1 July has also caused an upsurge in applications for driving instruction permits.

A total of 1,500 applications for taxi transport licences have been submitted during the first four days of July and Trafi has received almost 2,700 applications and notifications concerning transport licences.

“The process of granting taxi licences is in full swing and more than one hundred new taxi entrepreneurs have already received their licences. We are still receiving a large number of applications even though it seems that the initial rush is already behind us. We are making every effort to clear the backlog as quickly as possible and notify the applicants of registrations and licences by email as soon as we have processed the applications,” explains Kimmo Pylväs, Head of Department at Trafi.

More detailed information on the regional distribution of the licences will be obtained as the applications are processed. Trafi is processing the applications in the order of arrival and so far about half of all new licences have been granted to the Helsinki region. The new taxi transport licences allow their holders to operate nationwide.

More than 70 persons took taxi driving licence and local knowledge tests during the first three days of July. About 150 applications for taxi driving licences were submitted during the first days of the new act and more than 100 licences have already been granted. The licences will be sent to the applicants by post.

Before the Act on Transport Services, an average of about 50 taxi driving licences were granted each week.

A record number of driving instruction permits granted

The changes introduced on 1 July have also had an impact on driver training and the applications for driving instruction permits have reached record levels. During the first days of July, Trafi has received more than 2,000 applications for driving instruction permits and nearly 900 new permits have already been granted.

“One aim of the driver training reform has been to provide additional ways of becoming a safe driver and the training provided by driving instruction permit holders can also be combined with other training. In fact, the upsurge in the applications for driving instruction permits is an extremely positive development from the perspective of the driver training reform,” Pylväs adds.

More than 350 driving tests for car driving licences and about 450 moped handling tests have already been taken during the first three days of the new provisions.
Transport licences in open interface
Trafi has also published the transport licences as open data in open interface. You can view all valid taxi, passenger and goods transport licences through the interface.

Transport licences to be transferred to Trafi on 1 July 2018 (in Finnish)
Kimmo Pylväs, Head of Department, tel. +358 29 5345 798, kimmo.pylvas (at)
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