New fuel symbols in use together with the old ones – watch out when refuelling

10/15/18, 3:00 PM

As the new decree on fuel symbols enters into force today, the 12th of October 2018, the new European symbols will be displayed at service stations in addition to the old ones. Fuel pumps will continue to show the familiar national symbols for fuels but also the new symbols, so care should be taken when fuelling vehicles. All new vehicles are also required to have the same symbols.

In the new European symbols, petrol is designated by a circle, with the figure inside it indicating the greatest ethanol content of the fuel. The symbol for diesel is a square with a figure denoting the greatest percentage of bio components. The XTL symbol indicates paraffinic diesel, or so-called new generation diesel. The symbol for fuel gas is a diamond with an indication of the gas type.

”You should note that in the new symbols, the letter B found in the middle of the square indicates the proportion of bio components, similarly to the letter E denoting the ethanol content of petrol. The use of the letter B for diesel may seem peculiar to Finnish people. This should not confuse those fuelling their vehicles in Finland, however, as the new symbols should only be used together with the familiar national ones. However, you should pay attention when visiting a service station and make sure that the fuel you are putting into your vehicle is compatible with it”, stresses Special Adviser Keijo Kuikka.

“The new symbols will definitely be useful when driving in other European countries, as they will make it easy for you to ensure that you are getting a suitable fuel for your car, even at petrol stations with less familiar symbols”, says Kuikka.

Additional information:
Act on the distribution of alternative fuels for transport (Laki liikenteessä käytettävien vaihtoehtoisten polttoaineiden jakelusta) 478/2017
Trafi regulation on symbols of alternative fuels
Special Adviser Keijo Kuikka, tel. + 358 29 5345 518, keijo.kuikka (at)
Head of Unit Olli Ahtola, tel. +358 29 5345 366, olli.ahtola (at)