You can now compare the inspection track records of different car models – Trafi is expanding the data content of inspection statistics

12/4/18, 10:00 AM

You can now set your own filters and run different searches in Trafi’s inspection statistics. The searchable content in the statistical database has previously included data on vehicles, driving licences and boats. You can also download inspection data and use it to develop new services.

Trafi’s statistics on periodic inspections of cars have been improved, and the data is now available on Trafi’s statistical service, where users can make their own settings to filter the statistical data in the database tables (Instructions in Finnish).

The service currently provides access to data on periodic inspections of cars in 2017. The data include years of entry into service 2002-2012 and 2014 as well as model series where 100 or more vehicles have been inspected during the year. The statistics for 2018 will be updated at the end of January or beginning of February 2019.

Previously, the statistics on periodic inspections have contained data on the number of inspections carried out, the kilometres driven and the rejection percentage by year of entry into service and model series. These data can now be found in the database table.

Data on inspection remarks and faults leading to rejection – driving bans to be included next year

In addition, the statistics now contain as new data the numbers of faults that have led to inspection remarks and rejections by year of entry into service, model series and fault. The number of faults may contain several faults occurring in a single car. These data can be found in the database table. Driving bans will be added to the statistical database with the periodic inspection data for 2018.

For example, the new data make it possible to examine the prevalence of different faults and to compare makes and models in terms of faults leading to inspection remarks and rejections. If necessary, new figures can be calculated based on the data in the database table, such as the number of faults leading to rejection in a model series per 100,000 kilometres driven. In the statistical service, you can set filters to categorise the data or download the entire data set to your computer, for instance in CSV, XLSX or JSON format.

“The periodic inspection statistics contain plenty of interesting data, and we would like to see as many people as possible using them, as well as other statistical data available in Trafi’s statistical database. We are striving to open up our data as extensively as possible, providing convenient access to them for use in different new transport services”, explains Special Adviser Ari Väisänen.

Additional information:
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Special Adviser Ari Väisänen, ari.vaisanen (at), tel. + 358 29 534 6177