Trafi to carry out a comprehensive review of the forms in which public driving right information will be disclosed in the future

12/12/18, 11:03 AM

“We apologise for what has taken place and are thankful to all who have provided feedback. We immediately closed the service this morning as a security measure and we will carry out a thorough review of the service principles and the required actions for development. Unfortunately, the service’s foreign language versions have remained active, but we are currently shutting them down as well”, reports Director General Mia Nykopp.

This is a matter of public information which is now available in a new form and it has been possible to access the data free of charge based on individual enquiry via Trafi’s website. Earlier on, the same data was disclosed based on individual enquiries either by phone, by email, or through a paid online service.

“We must reassess the forms in which public driving right information will be given out in future. Other authorities also make use of services in which it is possible to make similar kinds of individual enquiries of public register data, and we are in contact with these authorities”, Nykopp continues.

“It is important that there is open discussion of these matters, so we greatly value the feedback we have received from Finnish citizens. The service generated discussion on social media and we of course reacted immediately to the concerns that were expressed there”, Nykopp explains.

Trafi is currently investigating the matter and will provide a more detailed timetable on Tuesday morning.

Using Trafi’s private information service, you can search by name, domicile, or personal identity number for an individual’s driving licence or professional qualification information and information about the validity of their right to drive. Trafi removed the service from use on 9 December 2018 so that the feedback received about the service and the questions raised could be investigated.

Further info:
Communications Director Marjo Jäppinen, tel: 050 320 0302, marjo.jappinen (at)