Trafi’s digital services are currently not available – other service channels are still in use

12/12/18, 11:11 AM

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has requested that Trafi provide a report on data protection and data security in Trafi services. The report will be provided to the Ministry on 12 December 2018, after which decisions will be made on future measures. During the interruption to the digital services, Trafi’s other service channels are still in use and have been allocated extra resources.

While the digital customer services are closed, Trafi’s other service channels will be operating as normal – details of these can be found on the Trafi website. Customer service can be obtained by phone, through the chat service and from the service points of Trafi’s service providers.

All the Trafi forms will be published as soon as possible on the Trafi website.

The available alternatives to the digital services are listed here in this bulletin. This bulletin will be updated.

Chat service and telephone service are there to help

Trafi chat offers advice on weekdays from 10am to 8pm on matters regarding vehicle registration, taxation, the boat register and driving licence matters, and the service can also be used to carry out actions such as commissioning or decommissioning a vehicle.

In addition, advice on traffic licences is provided on weekdays between 10am and 4pm.

The phone service offers the same services as the chat service, and in addition can also be used to order registration certificates. Commissioning and decommissioning by phone:
tel: 029 534 5119 (Mon–Fri 8am–4:15pm)
tel: 029 534 5139 (Mon–Fri 8am–4:15pm and Sat–Sun 10am–6pm)

Buying and selling a car and ordering a registration certificate at service points

Matters relating to buying and selling a car as well as matters such as ordering a registration certificate can be carried out face-to-face at the service point of an insurance company or vehicle inspection location with registration services. At these locations it is of course also possible to commission and decommission a vehicle.

Registration measures are carried out by inspection offices.

Insurance companies’ own digital customer services are functioning as normal.

Customer services for other forms of transport

A maritime service extract can be ordered by email at merimiesrekisteri(at), sjotjanstutdrag(at) or by phone on 029 534 5000.

All Trafi forms can be found on the Trafi website.


Trafi closed its digital customer services on Sunday 9 December 2018 in order to ensure the closing of the driver information service. Trafi will provide a report on its digital customer services to the Ministry of Transport and Communications on 12 December. After this, decisions will be made on further measures regarding the digital services. The driver information service showed information on driving rights and on what vehicle a person can drive.

Further details on the driver information service

In the service, information was provided in a new form and could be accessed using a free individual enquiry form on the Trafi website. It has not, however, been possible to export the data in bulk. The service allowed users to make individual enquiries for information on the validity of a person’s driving right and professional qualification, so the service would show, for example, whether the person had a driving right for a personal car or a lorry as well as the expiry date of the driving right. The search is made using either name and domicile or name and personal identity number or date of birth, but the service does not show these details. Earlier on, the same data was disclosed using individual enquiries either by phone, by email, or through a paid online service.

Information disclosure prohibitions in Trafi services

Through Trafi customer services, an information disclosure prohibition can be requested for, among other things, the disclosure of contact details through individual enquiries. Regardless of this, however, a person’s name and the period of validity of their driving right and professional qualifications constitute public information that can be individually disclosed. Trafi’s public driver information service does not disclose information about a person’s contact details, nor does the service show the name or contact details of a person subject to a protection order.

Further details:
media enquiries: Communications Director Marjo Jäppinen, tel: 050 320 0302, marjo.jappinen (at)