Air Services Negotiations ICAN 2018: 2 new agreements, 2 signed agreements and progress in 3 negotiations

12/17/18, 12:00 PM

The ICAO Air Services Negotiation Event ICAN was held 10–14 December 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. Finland achieved its objectives for the negotiations. The new arrangements will make Finland more accessible, benefitting travellers and business alike.

At ICAN, Finland initialled two new air services agreements (South Africa and Rwanda), signed two agreements (Kenya and Chile) and made significant progress in negotiations with three countries (Australia, South Korea and Tanzania). Negotiations with Australia and Tanzania will continue at the next ICAN in December 2019 in Jordan and negotiations with South Korea in late April 2019.

The Finnish delegation was chaired by Päivi Jämsä (Ministry of Transport and Communications). Other members were Leila Iikkanen (Trafi), vice-chair of the delegation, and airline representative Sami Lahdensuo (Finnair). Lahdensuo participated as an observer.

The new agreements have not yet officially entered into force, but their principles will apply immediately between aviation authorities, within their respective scopes of competence.

Further information:
Legal Adviser Leila Iikkanen, tel. +358 29 5346 039, leila.iikkanen(at)