The total mass of light trailers without brakes may be 825 kg

12/18/18, 12:00 PM

The mass of a loaded light trailer without brakes may be 825 kg if the information of the possibility to use a higher load has been indicated in the trailer’s register data and if 75 kg of the load is distributed to the coupling head. This means that a maximum mass of 750 kg may still be distributed to the axle. In other words, the mass refers to the total weight of the trailer and load.

”There have been a lot of questions concerning category O1trailers with the maximum technically allowed total mass of 825 kg and the provisions related to their use. The rule of thumb is that if this information on a possibility for using a larger load is included in the register data of a brakeless light trailer, a car whose register data indicates a trailer mass of 750 kg may also be used for towing a trailer with the total mass of 825 kg”, notes Senior Inspector Henri Takkinen.

“In this case, the trailer axle may be subject to a maximum mass of 750 kg and the towed vehicle may carry 75 kg via the coupling head”, Takkinen continues.

This larger total mass is not directly shown in the information of the vehicle towing the trailer; instead, the records only indicate the mass directed to the road surface from the trailer tyres.

However, when towing a trailer, driving licence requirements are based on maximum technically allowed total masses, i.e. the mass indicated in the trailer’s register data.

The easiest way to check the register data of cars and trailers is by logging on to Trafi's e-Services.

Background information on the regulation of trailer masses and other frequently asked questions.

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