Anti-icing Fluid Flow off on a Wing Section During Simulated Taxi and Take-off Run

Trafin julkaisuja
Trafi Publications 01-2013

Pekka Koivisto
Aalto University School of Engineering Department of Applied Mechanics

Flow off process of a selected Type IV non-Newtonian anti-icing fluid was studied in Aalto University Low Speed Wind Tunnel during winter period 2011-12. Wind tunnel model used was a single element two dimensional fixed attitude wing section with a chord of 1.8 m. Wind tunnel test section is 2 m x 2 m. Conducted tests consisted of take-off simulations with approximately linear acceleration up to 60 m/s (120 kt) speed and taxi simulations with constant speeds up to speed of 15 m/s (30 kt). Results showed that during a high airspeed taxi a detrimental premature flow off is possible. Comparison between one-step and two-step de-icing treatment showed no significant differences in fluid flow off properties. Tests generated some data on anti-icing fluid wave formation and propagation that may be utilized in theoretical research.