User Seminar on Alcohol Interlocks 2012

Background: The Finnish National Road Safety Programme until year 2014 (Publications by the Ministry of Transport and Communications): Trafi supports the development and the usability of alcohol interlocks

60 participants: professional drivers, interlock manufacturers and distributors, authorities, other interest parties and organizations


12.30 Welcome
European Standards for alcohol interlocks
Finnish legislation on alcohol interlocks
Marita Löytty, Trafi
  Overview of the European interlock use Ilyas Daoud, ETSC
  The Finnish Police: View on interlocks and their possibilities in traffic enforcement Heikki Ihalainen, National Police Board
  Alcohol interlocks in use since year 2007 Juha Wallius, Kajon Oy
14.00 Results of Trafi’s survey to professional drivers on the experiences of using an alcohol interlock Anne Vehmas, Ramboll Finland Oy
16.30 Questions to the interlock manufacturers and distributors  
17.00 End of the seminar